Weave for Agencies

Comprehensive insight into influencer affiliate performance and social stats.

Why agencies partner with Weave

Influencer Experience

Weave provides influencers with superior tools, technology, and the easiest way to build and manage affiliate links.

Unified Social Management

Manage and get data on influencer performance and engagement across all of their social channels

Comprehensive Reporting

Weave is the only affiliate company that gives agencies reporting on engagement and performance by retailer, brand or campaign

Advanced Technology

Automatically building product pages, instantly optimizing earnings, and geographic retargeting are a few of the many enhanced technologies Weave provides to users

Brand Reach Outs

For agencies interested in sponsorship opportunities, Weave sends data and reaches out to brands on behalf of agencies and influencers to win brand deals

Custom Solutions

Weave’s proprietary and premium technology is flexible and allows us works with agencies to develop custom solutions that fit their needs

Affiliate your links in seconds

Weave is the easiest and most advanced service for top-tier influencers and bloggers to find products and generate affiliate links

Paste in products

Click to generate links

Auto-creating links...

Auto-building product page...

Generated links

Feature your content in one, consolidated product page

When you add links for a specific post, Weave automatically generates a personalized ecommerce page for your viewers to click through, browse and shop - with no extra work for the influencer

Keep track of how you're performing

Weave’s simple interface gives you the quick reporting and insights you need to track performance over time. We work with influencers directly to grow their earnings and improve engagement

a few of our tracked KPIs

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click-through rate
purchase rate

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date range
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